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The Clapp's Story

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In the fall of 2011, Terry and Terri Clapp were living a joy-filled and mostly carefree life.  Terry had a career in the corporate world and Terri had left corporate life to stay at home and raise their two children.  They had their third baby on the way.  However, their lives were turned upside down that November, when their oldest child, Reece, was diagnosed at age four with a life-threatening, pre-cancerous condition called Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS).  The only option for treating this disease is through bone marrow transplant.  In January 2012, Reece received a stem cell transplant.  He courageously battled through months of complications associated with the transplant and shortly after his fifth birthday, in July 2012, he passed away as a result of those complications.  The complexities of his transplant, watching and supporting him through all his body endured, and his resulting passing, changed their lives forever.* Terry and Terri leaned on their faith in God, their love for each other and their family and focused on the life they had been building together.  They were blessed with a fourth child in September 2013.  However, the loss of a child takes a toll on every part of life and the Clapps are no exception to this.**   On April 15, 2014, Terri and her children’s lives were forever changed again. Terry left this earth without warning or explanation.  He loved his family and the Lord and we have confidence that he is in Heaven with Reece.  However, these circumstances have left Terri and her remaining three children, Britta (4), Scarlett (2), and Jude (7 m.) with many needs that must be met and substantial hardship associated with Reece’s transplant. The nature of Terry’s passing does not provide life insurance or any survivor benefits.   Terri, now the sole provider for her family will indeed be responsible to work through the current circumstances, get back on her feet, and find a way to work through this tragedy to carve out a life for her family.  Nevertheless, in the intermediate period, there is much to sort through and help is needed to provide her with the financial resources to do so.   We are friends of the Clapp family and have developed this page and funding effort to help support them through this difficult time. Terri is an amazing, strong, and intelligent mother that we love dearly. In addition to surrounding her and her beautiful kids with love and support, our goal is to provide them all with the ability to focus on internal healing and not on the immediate financial burdens of this difficult situation.  Your financial support of this family is truly appreciated.   *To read more about Reece’s transplant, you can check out the blog the family maintained during that time at: **Terri currently maintains a separate blog regarding her life, family, and faith in God at:   


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